Thomas Brentnall, 9th Mayor  of Middlesbrough, England

In 1802 John Brentnall married Hannah Hickton in Ilkeston Derbyshire and they had 12 children.

Sometime around the middle of the century several of the brothers moved to an emerging town called Middlesbrough in the North East of England. It was a town that was being built around the newly created iron and steel works and was based on the banks of the River Tees.

Thomas Brentnall, born March 15 1814, the sixth child of John and Hannah, established a grocers shop at 48 Suffield Street and also one on Sussex Street in what is known as the St Hilda’s area of Middlesbrough. Younger brothers Henry and Fred apparently also worked in the shops.

Thomas married a lady named Susannah and they owned a house in Dacre Street and it is recorded that he also later owned a house and gardens in Linthorpe Road (more upper class). Between 1854 and 1868 he was a town Councillor and an Alderman from 1858 – 62. He was elected onto the Education Board (supported by the Methodists) and having been a leading figure in the governing and development of the growing town, in 1862 had the distinction of becoming Middlesbrough’s 9th Mayor. At this time Middlesbrough had a population of just over 18,000 people. For his contribution to the town, Thomas had a street named after him. He died in 1891 aged 77 and is buried in Middlesbrough.

His name lives on in the street name and the shop units that are now built there (the original buildings were demolished several years ago).  The multi-storey car park that is on the other side of the street was originally called Brentnall Street Car Park and many still refer to it by that name despite having its name recently changed to celebrate a more well known son of Middlesbrough. It is now known as Captain Cook Car Park!!

I am not aware if Thomas and Susannah had any children but it would be great if any of his descendants could fill us in with any more details.

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